I’m a filmmaker, writer and photographer. My favourite films and stories are the ones that make me excited and afraid, so those are the kind I try to make.

I love suspense and telling stories that rely heavily on images and sound. Economical films with no fat. I want to make films that if you blink, you miss something.

In 1999, I won a place on the Edinburgh Film Festival's Mirrorball workshop led by Roman Coppola. That gave me some confidence to work as a camera operator and cinematographer on numerous short film crews. Then I got a camcorder and started making my own.

I’ve made 12 short films. Some can be viewed on this site. In the first TriggerStreet festival, I was a Top Ten finalist and had my film shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. I’ve shown my films in numerous festivals (see below), including the Cannes Short Film Corner.

In my macro photography, I try to see other worlds in everyday objects. Some of these photos have been used by electronics companies for their websites.

In college, I studied photography in the early days of digital. We processed film in darkrooms in some classes, and used Macs with early Photoshop in others. A knowledge of the old and new in photography has been very beneficial.

I balance all of this with my day job, but my goal is to do it all on a bigger scale.

Those who can work with the minimum can work with the most.
— Robert Bresson


99 (2018)

3 mins. A comment about a friend's social media pic leads to serious consequences.

Mister Marcus (2017)

18 mins. A woman finds a recording of her murdered sister’s last moments.

Take Flesh (2013)

15 mins. A sculpture comes to life.

Boy Chemical Girl (2009)

18 mins. A couple make their way to a rendezvous, unaware of danger.
Premiered at the 26th Annual Olympia Film Festival in Olympia, WA, on the 13th November, 2009.

Charnel (2005)

13 mins. An airport worker returns home and investigates noises in his house.
Filmstock International Film Festival, Luton; Alameda Island Film Festival, California; Line Out Festival, Leicester.

Tormentum (2004)

10 mins. A man held captive breaks fee from his tormentor.
Vrnjacka Banja Film Festival, Serbia; Filmstock International Film Festival, Luton.

The Strange Case of Patient X (2002)

10 mins. A sleepwalker sets up cameras in his house to see what happens to him during the night.
TriggerStreet Top Ten Finalist (1st Festival); Tribeca Film Festival, New York; In The Can, Glasgow.

Murderama (2002)

3 mins. A good Samaritan becomes the guest star of a gruesome performance.
Highlights: UrbanChillers 3-min Chiller.

One Less Rat (2002)

5 mins. A man is driven to act on recurring events outside his window.
TriggerStreet Official Selection (2nd Festival); Super Shorts Film Festival.

Dial Up For Murder (2002)

5 mins. The target of a deadly web site is revealed.
Lomond Audi Scottish Filmmaker 2004 Award; Cannes Film Festival.

Bio (2002)

2 mins. A terrorist’s initiation kill.
UrbanChillers 2-min Chillers finalist.

Interactive (2001)

12 mins. During a late night in front of the television, reality thins.
The Festival of Fantastic Films, Manchester; Filmstock International Film Festival, Luton.

The Ryan Tape (2001)

13 mins. A video diary shot by missing man Ryan Marcus is found, providing disturbing clues to his disappearance.
The Festival of Fantastic Films, Manchester.